Mosaic Circles Are Where You...

...can love and be loved
...can be in an authentic, transparent, secure community
...learn more about God
...are understood and learn to understand others
... are cared for when you have needs
... are a source of help for others in need

In the community of believers called Mosaic, we intentionally pursue God and each other in Mosaic Circles! It’s where men and women who join Mosaic find their closest relationships and deepest connection with others.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to build community within the amazing, growing, godly families who desire to walk, work and worship God together as one here at Mosaic Church • Little Rock!

Why Join a Circle?

Over the years we have found that members who do not get connected to a Circle become isolated and become "out of touch" with the ongoing life of the church. Personal needs arise and while God may be calling His people to act on your behalf, these needs get. Simply put, you will never feel relationally connected to the people and passion of Mosaic unless you are involved in a Circle.

The last thing we want is for you to attend Mosaic, and not have the opportunity to build community within the amazing, growing, godly group of men and women who desire to walk, work and worship God together as one!

Types of Mosaic Circles:

In an effort to accommodate the diverse people and passions of Mosaic, we support a variety of Circles Groups through in the following forms:.

1) Connect Circle – These are the majority of Mosaic Circles. These groups have come together to begin and foster the process of creating relationship and community. While the group may, at some point, transition to a cause or ministry Circle, their primary purpose is to create the connections you need. It's here you'll go deeper in your walk with God and with other believers.


2) Cause/Ministry Circle – Some groups may form as a result of a shared passion, community mission or ministry program. These Circles still have the primary purpose of relationship and community but adds a mission, ministry or common cause that is significantly advanced within the body of Christ as a result of the Circle’s efforts. Examples include: Hand-in-Hand (Orphan & Foster Care), Marriage Matters, Our House (Supporting the Working Homeless), Worship Arts and more.


3) Circle Communities – From time to time, several Mosaic Circles may form around a similar mission or connection opportunity to form a Circle Community. In addition, Circle’s may be asked to join together from time to time throughout the year for broadening connections and community. There are also several Circle Communities at Mosaic including Soul Sisters (Womens’ Ministry), MoMENtum (Men’s Ministries) and others.


To get more information, CLICK HERE to find a Circle that sounds appealing and Contact the leader.